NBasses is a bass factory aimed at professional musicians who know what they want from an instrument.

We do our utmost to maintain an affordable price while maintaining the quality of our basses.

You will notice that our bass price method is very transparent. We do something that resembles the way luthiers usually do.

To buy your bass on NBASSES you have two directions to follow.


Buy Bass Guitar Ready

Here at the NBASSES store you will find bass guitars in stock ready to buy and receive in your home or standard models to order and receive within 30 days.
Because these basses are ready-made or in a standardized manufacturing line, they are cheaper than those of the next option, but the manufacturing quality of all the basses follows the same quality control.


Assemble your bass guitar as you wish

A very honest way to form the value of your bass.

  • Choose the desired bass
     Its value corresponds to the manufacturing process of the bass.
  • Now start selecting how many strings your bass will have, which major dimensions, which woods you want, choose your bass accessories and pickups, then choose the finish and type of fret fit you want.
  • There are more options available such as bag, hard case, custom inlays, body or headstock engravings, etc.