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Alex Navarro, son of parents from Spain and Lithuania, was born in Brazil in 72.
Makes your first bass at age 19.
In 2003 he moved to Germany where he met the major manufacturers there and had his first contact with the CNC. In 2005 in Brazil he invests in a CNC of his own, pioneering the creation of basses and guitars for CNC in this country. In 2009 it began to provide services to guitar manufacturers that were starting to equip themselves with CNC and from 2014 onwards it goes to the USA annually to support customers since 90% of its clientele are from this country.
In 2016 he moves to Spain to start a new phase by returning to the construction of basses, focusing on making his own designs and trying to do low prices possible keeping the best quality.



Order your bass

Here you will find the standard models from NBasses

All NBasses models aim to be balanced, lightweight, great sustein and comfortable to play.
The models vary to suit different styles (classic, bold, exotic), but always keeping in them the important points outlined above.

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Order your own bass design

It's very easy to make your own bass model.

You only need to submit an outline of the desired body and Headstock model as well as all the specified dimensions.
You can not just say for example that the neck can be copied from a particular model that already exists. It is important that you send us all the data you need to be absolutely sure that we will do what you really want.
Otherwise, you can count on our suggestion for a custom project.
Depending on how much accurate information the value changes, but anyway the value doesn't change much of the value of our Bass.


Order your bass KIT

The process is similar to the one mentioned above, but instead of ordering the complete ready-to-play bass, you will receive the semi-finished kit for yourself or your luthier to complete.
This is advantageous when it comes to assembling your bass by buying parts as and when you like and enjoying fun hours.
We also offer the possibility of stamping your name or a brand created by you or even analyzing a larger manufacturing proposal at a reduced price.
Contact us for more information.


Want to be an endorser?

NBasses has a policy of not providing free bass for publicity, whether you're famous or unknown.

We believe this is a way of respecting those who pay for them and also of believing that the buyer knows what is good for him.

"By not having endorses we can keep the best price possible!"

What we offer is an ease of purchase for those who really think they are "opinion makers" and in this case, if you are interested in being a "reseller musician" write us.

Remember that NBasses is not a big brand where it makes millions of dollars a year and has the ability to provide electric basses to all concerned.

"It is noteworthy that we really do not care about having endorsers.
We do care that customers who receive the desired quality from their investment."


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