Frets & Fretworks - NBASSES

Frets & Fretworks - NBASSES

Frets & Fretworks - NBASSES

Choose the size of your frets and the type of leveling you want.

Standard sizes as:

  • Narrow
  • Medium
  • Wide
  • Extra wide

These may be frets in the following materials:

  • Pattern
  • Bronze
  • Stainless steel

The leveling work corresponds to:

  • Classic Height (strong grip touch)
  • Low strings (moderate touch with slight squeak on strong footprints)
  • Very low strings (light and moderate touch with possibility of burrowing notes in strong footprints)

Important about leveling service

Classic Leveling and Low Strings have the same level of attention in their execution, differentiating only the tensioner adjustment and positioning of the strings relative to the frets.

Very Low Leveling takes special care in the leveling of the wood before placing the frets, which should be applied in 3 different levels and according to the brand of rope and its caliber.
It is very important that the bass is ordered with the strings you use so that you do not have to correct the tensioner adjustment later. These adjustments should be made by experienced professionals, unlike the other two types.
If the strings you use are not in our store, please leave the strings blank and write to us requesting your brand and size. We will add the value of the strings to be paid before the bass is sent.