Terms and Conditions Please read carefully before proceeding with the purchase.

It is important to note that guitar machining and finishing is a complex task and it is difficult to provide complete "put and play" material. Each CNC has its differences in behavior and strength. Some have different tolerances. Also the bits that are used can be very precise and others not.
You need to keep in mind several factors such as router or spindle you are using, strength, machine precision, speeds that the CNC assumes among many other variants.
So it becomes very necessary for the buyer of the 3DCNCGUITARS guitar files to keep in mind that they will need to have an intermediate level in the use of their CNC.
If he does not have knowledge on machine because he bought the machine a short time ago and wants to make his guitar, then I will make it clear that it will be necessary before to do tests on cheap wood to verify the behavior and precision is his machine.
As standard the version of the Aspire and VCarve files are 8.5
It is possible to prepare the files for the Aspire 3.5 vesao only.
Please be aware that we do not have the responsibility to reimburse you if the files do not open in your version.
For those who request older versions Aspire 3.5 is the oldest version that we can offer and the deadline to send files is 3 to 5 days.
The Toolpaths provided in these 3DCNCGUITARS files are made in a simplified way so that a beginner can easily understand them. Complextoolpaths for beginners would generate many doubts and certainly trouble making their use.
Toolpaths are just a simple demonstration of how your machining can be done and even then it is necessary to adapt depth pass, feed rate, bit size, check the machining if there are clearances and adjust them and check fitments and adapt them accordingly with all variants (bits, wood type, finishing, etc.) can give different results even using a same toolpath.

Intellectual Rights

All plans used by NBSDESIGN / 3DCNCGUITARS are made on a public domain. No model violates any copyright taking into account either date of creation or copies with modifications that disqualify a copyright infringement. 3D creations based on these models adding facilitation to work or studies, have the addition of a new clothing of its creator and that is called "intellectual right". Our products are prohibited from being marketed by third parties, either completely or partially. The use of images, references or internal elements identified as copies will be subject to legal action.