BTR NBasses 5 strings


BTR NBasses 5 strings


BRUTAL BRT 4 or 5 strings

Basses with standardized woods, pickups, components and finish.
These models may be in stock for sale or in case of orders the delivery time is up to 30 days.
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no IVA included

Main features of the construction

34" with 26 frets or 35" with 24 frets 

Fingerboard radius:

Fret sizes:

2 ways truss rod
2 carbon fiber bars

Body sizes:
530 x 348 x 40 mm (20" x 13.7" x 1.57" inches)


Complete sizes:
1149 mm (45.23" inches)

Neck tickness 4 strings

Nut: 14mm (0.55")
12º fret: 15.5mm (0.61")

Neck tickness 5 strings
Nut: 15mm (0.59")
12º fret: 16.5mm (0.649")

Fingerboard tickness
Nut: 5mm (0.196")

Neck width 4 Strings
(19mm Bridge) 
Nut: 40mm (1.574")
12º fret: 55mm (2.165")
24º fret: 63mm (2.480")

Neck width 5 Strings
(19mm Bridge) 
Nut: 45mm (1.771")
12º fret: 68mm (2.677")
24º fret: 80mm (3.149")

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30 days



Shipping cost

Shipping cost is not calculated automatically. The amount to be paid in the shopping cart refers only to the value of the instrument.
The customer will be contacted after purchase for shipping details to seek a better shipping method and also in an attempt to minimize costs.
Another factor is the choice of shipping package be in reinforced carton, woods, custom bag or hardcase.


Average shipping value for some countries.

$ 140 for the American continent
$ 50 for Europe
$ 35 to Spain

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